What is Espacio BTT Pirineos Alto Gállego?

Espacio BTT Pirineos Alto Gállego is a sports and tourism initiative established in 2012. It is a public initiative, developed and managed by the Alto Gállego area administration, the locality where Espacio BTT is situated. Local and regional public administration services, as well as local organisations and associations, and the private tourism industry, are closely involved in its operation.


Espacio BTT is a unique sports facility, upgraded and extended on a constant basis, with 42 trails, almost all waymarked, totalling more than 1000 km of trails. These trails run the length and breadth of the Alto Gállego area, and have different levels of difficulty according to the distance of the trail, the change in elevation to be completed and the type of terrain. Unlike other MTB centres, Espacio BTT Pirineos Alto Gállego has designated 3 downhill trails. These are located in Biescas and Panticosa and have artificial features, such as berms and jumps. Downhill MTB is an amazing sport and in recent years Espacio BTT has been chosen to host several Aragon and Spanish downhill championships. In 2021, an XCO circuit (XCO Santa Lucía) was inaugurated in the town of Sabiñánigo. In 2022, the Bike Park of Gavín was inaugurated. It is the first bike-park in Spain for public use, free and open all year.


There are many complementary services also available to Espacio BTT users. Local businesses have taken the initiative and adapted their services to suit user needs (hotels, restaurants, adventure tourism companies, transport companies, etc.). The aim is to offer as comprehensive a product as possible.


This initiative is an investment in the future. It complements the winter sports available in the area, strengthens Alto Gállego’s name as a top-class tourist destination and, together with the other MTB centres in the Huesca Pyrenees (Zona Zero in Aínsa and Puro Pirineo in Castejón de Sos), will help keep Alto Gállego region’s place among the leading MTB facilities nationally and internationally. 


Signaling trails:


The trails are waymarked with directional signs located at different spots between the starting point and arrival points. Additional signposting has been placed at junctions and points where there is a sudden change in direction. These signs have been attached to special holders (for example, wooden poles) or to natural or other manmade features, depending on the location and regulations of each area. In addition to these signs, there is an information board at each starting point.


The levels of difficulty are indicated by a colour scheme, which is reflected in all trail information and signs. It is a progressive grading system and so the colour changes depending on the difficulty of the trail.


Other complementary signals:


Wrong way.

This sign indicates when you have taken the wrong way, unless you are freely choosing to take unmarked trails.



This sign is to warn cyclists that they should exercise caution, as they are approaching a dangerous crossing or a steep slope, etc.


Two-way trail.

This sign informs cyclists that they may encounter bikers coming from the other direction.






On this website you will find sections containing detailed information about Espacio BTT (technical details of the trails, downloadable documents, support services, events, photo gallery, maps, etc.). We have made this information available to the user in order to make their stay in the region as pleasant as possible. 


Our trails are approved by the International Mountain Bicycling Association España and registered with the National Registry of Trails for Mountain Bikes of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation.  




Campeonato de España XCO-XCC-XCE-TR de Sabiñánigo 2023
Campeonato de España DH Panticosa 2023