Rules along the Way


1.- Ride only on permitted tracks.

Stay on existing trails. Respect private property and all prohibitions.

Check at the town hall to find out if there are any areas with restrictions to the right of way.


2.-  Leave no trace.

Try not to leave any trace of your ride by controlling your braking and avoiding skids.

Skidding produces unnecessary erosion. Don't leave any rubbish behind.


3.- Control your bike.

Adapt your speed to the track conditions and to the visibility. This will allow you to avoid accidents and skidding.


4.- Give way to other users.

The key to the coexistence of cyclists and walkers is to give way. Alert walkers to your arrival in good time and reduce your speed, even to a halt if necessary.


5.- Never disturb animals.

You are in their environment and probably they are not used to your presence. Be respectful and don't make any unnecessary noise. Close every gate you open.




6.- Plan your trip.

This is especially important if you are riding higher into the mountains. You must be self-sufficient at all times. Know your abilities (physical and technical), your equipment and your bike (which should be in good condition), and choose a trail accordingly. Pay attention to the weather forecast as the weather in the mountains is very changeable.


Pyrenees weather forecast: 807 170 365


7.- Stay safe.

Always wear a helmet. Avoid going alone and always leave your route plan with someone (at the reception point or with a relative/friend, etc.). Always keep your bike in good condition. Always carry a good supply of water, warm clothes, a repair kit and a mobile phone with the battery charged. Check the level of wireless coverage along the trail you are taking.


It is recommended to make the routes with the support or a GPS navigator.


Be aware also that it may be hunting season; hunting season normally starts the third weekend of September and finishes the third weekend of February.


8.- Ride insured.

It is important that you are insured. We recommend that you obtain a Federation licence or personal sports accident insurance.



Important notice:


The Comarca Alto Gállego and other entities affiliated with Espacio BTT Alto Gállego accept no responsibility for the risks inherent in the practice of this sporting activity, such as falls, carrying out dangerous descents, orientation errors, misuse of common spaces with other activities, etc. Likewise, they are not responsible for the misuse of the trails or for any lack of due care on the part of users.


Every user is required to know his/her physical and technical limitations on the bike and is personally responsible for all the decisions he/she takes on their chosen trail, including the route, change of elevation, type of surface, etc.


All trails are open to vehicles, animals and people.




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